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Young Black voters in Philadelphia trash Biden and Trump as ‘both liars,’ ‘dirty:’ ‘Neither candidate is good’

Young Black Americans in town for a popular Philadelphia music festival went on the record to voice their displeasure with President Biden.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that it spoke to around thirty young Black voters at the “Roots Picnic” over the weekend, a popular music festival hosted by hip-hop group The Roots in the city. Most of the voters told the outlet don’t support Trump for president, but they also don’t want Biden.

“It’s really hard to vote because neither candidate is good. Biden is too old. Trump is too racist,” 21-year old Rochester, New York resident William Carter, who said he was not planning to vote this year, told the Post.


President Joe Biden speaking with reporters

Black voters in Philadelphia over the weekend slammed the prospect of voting for President Biden’s re-election. ((AP Photo/Andrew Harnik))

Black voters have traditionally been a reliable Democratic voting bloc, but some polls are showing cracks within that support.

Last week, CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten marveled at polling showing that Trump has doubled the support he got from Black voters in the 2020 election, which was 10% at the time. 

Enten said Trump’s gains with the community could single-handedly result in his victory over Biden in 2024. 

Some Black celebrities, like rapper 50 Cent, recently acknowledged that African American men seem to relate to Trump more than Biden.

The Post’s unscientific survey at The Roots Picnic wasn’t so much indicative of Trump support among Black voters – as most of them denounced the former president – but of their disgust with Biden.

Many of the respondents trashed both candidates, with only a select few picking one over the other.

A 28-year-old film production worker from Philadelphia named Lu Rattigan told the Post, “We’ve already experienced both of them. They’re both liars. We need somebody who’s going to actually stand on their word. It’s just them two right now — so we’re just s— out of luck as a country.”

Pennsylvania resident Milan White called both candidates “dirty,” stating, “I feel like I would be voting because I don’t want Donald Trump, but I don’t want Biden in there either. Both of them are dirty. It’s like, choose your dirt.”


President Biden and Philadelphia George Floyd protest split

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign rally at Girard College on May 29, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Biden and U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris are using today’s rally to launch a nationwide campaign to court black voters, a group that has traditionally come out in favor of Biden, but their support is projected lower than it was in 2020. (Photo by Andrew Harnik/Getty Images))

One voter – a 25-year-old named Brianna Jerome – expressed some support for Trump, though she told the Post she’s still undecided. 

“He’s not my favorite — Trump. But at the same time I appreciate his honesty. … And I feel like with how Biden has done, I don’t know — maybe we need to vote with [Trump] and try it out? He has offered some things that … have potential. We picked the nice guy and look what happened,” she said. 

Others, like New York resident Ty Thompson, would never vote for the former president. She told the outlet, “There is no reason for me to like Donald Trump. He doesn’t do anything for us.”

Minneapolis resident Shanaya slammed both Biden and Trump, saying, “They’ve all been lying to our community for years. … I’m definitely going to always utilize my right [to vote], because too many people died for the right.”

However, she said, “But I don’t know who I’m gonna vote for. It ain’t gonna be Donald Trump — ever.”

“If I’m being honest, I was leaning toward [Trump] but hearing certain things, I’m feeling reserved now. I’m not really looking forward to the election. … I don’t think that anyone has earned my vote,” 38-year-old Shavar Rush told the outlet.

50 Cent and Donald Trump split image

Rapper 50 Cent said that Black men “identify” with Trump, in comments to CBS News.


HR worker Iyana Galloway said she was “looking at the third-party option,” adding, “My son was telling me about Robert Kennedy Jr. He’s into him big time.”

The Post also quoted 35-year-old school administrator Barry Robertson, Jr., who expressed some support for Trump and praised his “honesty,” while characterizing Biden as old and infirm.

“It comes down to honesty. Trump has been honest. Joe Biden has been mysterious from day one and the only thing you can really … see is his health and based off his health, I don’t feel confident he’ll finish another four-year term,” he said. 

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