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Washington Post hardcover bestsellers

1 FUNNY STORY (Berkley, $29). By Emily Henry. Daphne, whose ex-fiancé, Peter, left her for another woman, agrees to be roommates with Miles, whose ex-fiancée left him for Peter.

2 THE WOMEN (St. Martin’s, $30). By Kristin Hannah. An Army nurse in Vietnam treats soldiers wounded in combat but struggles to find support when she returns home.

3 JAMES (Doubleday, $28). By Percival Everett. A reimagining of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” told from the point of view of Jim as he flees from enslavement.

4 YOU LIKE IT DARKER (Scribner, $30). By Stephen King. Stories, many never before published, centered on the darker side of life.

5 ALL FOURS (Riverhead, $29). By Miranda July. A woman embarks on a solo cross-country road trip but instead hides in a nearby hotel and explores life without the responsibilities of family.

6 THE MINISTRY OF TIME (Avid Reader, $28.99). By Kaliane Bradley. A top-secret British government assignment requires a woman to guide a Victorian-era explorer who has recently been returned to life in the modern age.

7 CAMINO GHOSTS (Doubleday, $29.95). By John Grisham. The last inhabitant of an island stands in the way of a resort developer who is trying to claim ownership.

8 TABLE FOR TWO (Viking, $32). By Amor Towles. A collection of stories plus one historical novella from the author of “A Gentleman in Moscow.”

9 LONG ISLAND (Scribner, $28). By Colm Tóibín. In a sequel to “Brooklyn,” the now middle-aged Eilis Lacey visits her mother in Ireland during a profound personal crisis.

10 THE PARIS NOVEL (Random House, $29). By Ruth Reichl. The award-winning food writer’s novel follows a woman who discovers her passions in 1980s Paris.

1 THE DEMON OF UNREST (Crown, $35). By Erik Larson. The author of “The Splendid and the Vile” chronicles the months after Abraham Lincoln’s election that set the stage for the Civil War.

2 THE ANXIOUS GENERATION (Penguin Press, $30). By Jonathan Haidt. A social psychologist attributes the recent increase in adolescent mental illness to the prevalence of smartphones.

3 THE CREATIVE ACT (Penguin, $32). By Rick Rubin. A Grammy-winning music producer shares how artists work and suggests ways to foster creativity in everyday life.

4 AN UNFINISHED LOVE STORY (Simon & Schuster, $35). By Doris Kearns Goodwin. The Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer shares her own history.

5 A WALK IN THE PARK (Scribner, $32.50). By Kevin Fedarko. Two men attempt a 750-mile hike through the Grand Canyon.

6 IN MY TIME OF DYING (Simon & Schuster, $27.99). By Sebastian Junger. The war reporter and avowed atheist considers mortality and the afterlife following his near-death experience.

7 THE WAGER (Doubleday, $30). By David Grann. After enduring storms, sickness and a shipwreck, the surviving crew members of HMS Wager turn against each other.

8 REBEL GIRL (Ecco, $29.99). By Kathleen Hanna. The Bikini Kill frontwoman recalls the dark side of the music scene.

9 THE WIDE WIDE SEA (Doubleday, $35). By Hampton Sides. An account of the explorer Captain James Cook’s ill-fated final voyage.

10 SOMEHOW (Riverhead, $22). By Anne Lamott. An exploration of the power of different types of love.

Rankings reflect sales for the week ended June 2. The charts may not be reproduced without permission from the American Booksellers Association, the trade association for independent bookstores in the United States, and indiebound.org. Copyright 2024 American Booksellers Association. (The bestseller lists alternate between hardcover and paperback each week.)

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