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Meghan Markle’s royal divorce three to five years in the making

Meghan Markle’s royal divorce three to five years in the making

Experts suspect Meghan Markle is feeling weighed down by being the breadwinner of the family and a divorce is impending, three to five years from now.

Accusations of this nature have been shared by political commentators Samara Gill.

She touched on everything during her conversation with TalkTV host Kevin O’Sullivan.

During the chat she claimed, “I’m going to call it I think that there’s going to be divorce in the next three to five years, and I hate to say that but I’m sorry”.

According to the commentator, “When the money pot starts to dry up, that’s when people like Megan who had a previous relationship with a producer, wonder why as a Hollywood actress she married a producer, who then didn’t really help her with her career, who she then left jumped to the next option.”

After all, “She came to London wanting to be with a footballer it was for PR thing she ended up accidentally landing in the hands of Harry who was in a very very dark spot playing you know third wheel to Kate and uh William.”

“So you know she will jump onto the next opportunity and I think that she is almost the bread winner so to speak of the family and I think it’s weighing on her,” she also chimed into say before signing off.

A similar sentiment was later echoed by Mr O’Sullivan as well, as he said, “I think she’s the one with the energy I agree with that she’s the one with the ambition and that’s because Simon they come from very different backgrounds.”

“I think that Prince Harry does not understand ambition he really doesn’t because he you know– and I actually quite respect Megan in one respect. It’s not easy to battle your way through the Hollywood jungle I know that I used to live there and the Hollywood jungle consumed me and spat me out like yesterday’s breakfast but that isn’t the point”.

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