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Glen Powell gushes over his pet dog’s popularity

Glen Powell gushes over his pet dog’s popularity 

Glen Powell just explained how he thinks that his dog Brisket might be even more famous than him.

The actor is currently engrossed during summer due to starring in the movies, Hitman and Twisters, as well as producing the documentary, The Blue Angels.

The star then shared a funny and memorable anecdote to PEOPLE’s One Last Thing, of encountering a girl in NYC while he was with his dog which explained why he thought that it was actually his dog who had “really made it”.

He shared, “And she goes, ‘Oh, my God, that looks exactly like Glen Powell’s dog.’ She didn’t even see me.”

He added that only upon looking up did she realize that she was right. “He’s definitely developed a following, for sure,” he added.

Powell also shared about some of his “last things” to the outlet, such as the last thing he took from a set being a grille from the set of Twisters, the last gift he gave being service from a bartender to his manager, and his last moment of self-care being him inviting his friends to a sauna where they spend time together “catching up” which in his eyes is “the equivalent of going to a bar.”

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