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Silkworms, Locusts And More: Singapore Approves These 16 Insects As Food

Have you tried having silkworms or crickets for lunch? Imagine adding some crispy locusts to your fried rice instead of fried shrimp. While some might find it odd, we bet the food enthusiasts who like experimenting would want to try these unique dishes at least once. In that case, Singapore is just the place for you. According to latest reports, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has approved 16 different species of insects as safe for human consumption. “With immediate effect, SFA will allow the import of insects and insect products belonging to species that have been assessed to be of low regulatory concern,” the Food Authority of Singapore said in a circular on Monday.

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According to a report on Channel News Asia (CNA), the insects approved by the SFA as food include house cricket, banded cricket, common cricket, two-spotted cricket, African migratory locust, American dessert locust, grasshopper, superworm, mealworm, lesser mealworm, lesser wax moth, greater wax moth, silk moth/silk worm, whitegrub, giant rhino beetle grub, and western honey bee.

CNN report weighs in that while approving for “human consumption or as animal feed” the body informed that the production should be safe and hygienic, and not in the “wild”. “Documentary proof (is needed to show) that insects are farmed in premises regulated by the Competent Authority,” SFA said.

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According to the Straits Times, the announcement comes as a delight for food and beverage industry, who are now gearing up to source insects from regulated farms in China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

SFA further informed that strict safety regulations should be followed for handling these insects, both in kitchens and pre-packaged industries, including adding proper label of how the insects are sourced.

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Accoding to a South China Morning Post report, SFA also informed that the insects outside the 16 approved species have to undergo evaluation to ensure that they are safe to consume.

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