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Chennai Man Flags Unavailability Of Specific Idli-Dosa Batter Brand On Blinkit, Company Obliges

A man from Chennai recently got Blinkit’s attention on X (formerly Twitter) with a unique complaint. X user Narayanan Hariharan (@narayananh) shared a post about how the app does not carry what he considers “the most popular idli and dosa batter brand” in the city. Tagging the company as well as its CEO Albinder Dhindsa, the user asked, “Why are you forcing me to give my money to your competition?” The post was shared on July 5, 2024. The CEO responded on X on the same day, saying, “Checking this – will let you know once it’s live.” The online interaction grabbed many eyeballs and received a lot of interest.

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A few days later, on July 11, Albinder posted an update on the thread. He took the man’s feedback and made the batter brand available on Blinkit. Posting a screenshot from the app, he wrote, ” Thaayar batter is now live in your area and in most parts of Chennai serviceable by Blinkit. Thank you for flagging this.” The X user was pleased and replied, “This is awesome! Thanks a lot, Albinder!”

Later, in a separate post, the X user celebrated the outcome of the interaction. Thanking the CEO again, he declared, “If you want something, ask for it.”

Before this, Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa took cognisance of a complaint about not getting free dhaniya (coriander leaves) with purchases on the app – as one sometimes does in physical markets. An X user said that his mom “got a heart attack” as she had to pay for the greens and suggested bundling it for free along with a particular amount of vegetables. The CEO obliged and replied that the feature would be polished in upcoming weeks. Read the full story here.
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