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Victoria Beckham marks Tom Cruise’s birthday with heartfelt wish

Tom Cruise attended Victoria Beckhams 50th birthday in April
Tom Cruise attended Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday in April

Victoria Beckham led close pal Tom Cruise’s birthday wishes as he turns 62.

Cruise’s birthday comes after he joined the fashion designer for her birthday win April. Victoria’s star-studded party saw the Mission Impossible actor showing his best dance moves, including splits and break dancing.

Victoria Beckham marks Tom Cruises birthday with heartfelt wish

Wishing her longtime pal, Victoria took to Instagram stories and shared a photo of her and husband David Beckham with Cruise.

“Happy Birthday @tomcruise!! Kisses @davidbeckham xx,” she captioned the photo.

Cruise wore a suit similar to Posh Spice’s sons Brooklyn and Romeo.

The Top Gun star became good friends with David and Victoria after throwing them a party back when the footballer moved to Los Angeles.

The trio’s friendship however suffered rumors of strain which alleged that the Cruise pressed them about joining the Church of Scientology.

“Tom did everything for them when they first moved to L.A. He practically gave them the keys to the city,” a tipster told Radar Online.

They continued, “He threw them a party to meet everyone important, and the moment they were established they chucked him!”

“What was an issue was the pressure to join Scientology,” they revealed, adding, “[Tom] wouldn’t take no for an answer,” making the couple feel like “they had no choice but pull away.”

“It’s clear Tom was hurt by the rejection,” they added.

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