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Kate Middleton’s unhinged dive into being media fodder exposed

Kate Middletons unhinged dive into being media fodder exposed
Kate Middleton’s unhinged dive into being media fodder exposed

An expert has just tracked down everything that happened once Kate Middleton started going through with her cancer treatment in secret.

An expert has just shed some light into the ‘unhinged’ media frenzy that Kate Middleton went through earlier in the year of her cancer diagnosis.

Insight into how it all went down has been brought to light by royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for

In that piece she took a trip down memory lane and recounted how “We now know that tests done after the surgery in January found cancer, a fact that would be kept under wraps for another two more months, during which time the Waleses suffered through what would have to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, period of their life together.”

“Social media, like nature, abhors a vacuum and soon theories about the princess, ranging from mildly bonkers to tinfoil-helmet-wearing deranged, were mutating and spreading across the internet.”

At the time, “Kensington Palace seemed to have no idea how to even begin to get the faintest grip on the situation.”

So “Kate, according to the wild surmising, was either locked up in a Scottish tower or was planning to divorce William to move to Santa Fe to sell dreamcatchers.”

Ms Elser also went on to reference some other theories that came to light and said, “Other theories implied she had had enough of having to live so close to Prince Andrew chipping golf balls around Windsor Home Park, or even wanted to move to Shropshire to take religious vows.”

“Things only took a turn for the even more unhinged when, on February 27, William pulled out of attending his godfather King Constantine of Greece’s memorial service at St George’s Chapel; a reported four-minute drive from the Waleses’ home, less than an hour before it started citing a mysterious ‘personal matter’. More foil for everyone!

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